[Request][MAIKA][140124] 学園聖戦士セーラーナイト2 ~正義のヒロイン完全悪堕ちマニュアル~

By | January 24, 2014
Official Title : 学園聖戦士セーラーナイト2 ~正義のヒロイン完全悪堕ちマニュアル~
Romaji: Gakuen Sei Senshi Sailor Knight 2 ~Seigi no Heroine Kanzen Seifuku Manual~
Release Date: 01-21-2014
Company: Maika
Voice Artists: 椋木尋、桜ロマ子、パパイヤ純、沖田つばさ, ジャッキー、syokuyou-mogura
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=785289&gc=gc
D-Dream Link: http://www.d-dream.com/detail.php?arg_tno=11743
Homepage: http://www.media-box.ne.jp/line/SK2/top.html

Shinku Tsukihime, Aoi Mizuki, and Midori Rabia are back, this time the action picks up where Sailor Star Ruby has been corrupted to the dark side, Sailor Star Emerald has undergone some pleasure training, and Sailor Star Sapphire is the last bastion against the darkness of complete spoogery. But at the last minute, two new sailor knights come to the rescue. Both a year younger than their predecessors, Sailor Star Garnet and Sailor Star Gold burst out, beating back the forces of evil, and saving Sailor Star Emerald, and *SPOILER ALERT* defeating Black Carrot once and for all.

The Delerium King (that would be you), is beaten back and taunted by these two new Sailor Knights. What will you do?

You’ve got three directions to go in. You can strengthen your brainwashing hold over your only thrall, Sailor Star Ruby, you can go after one of the new knights, or you can go after one of the other knights… or both… Frankly, I’m not sure, it’s a wide open field.

But there are some things working in your favor. Sailor Star Garnet really idolizes Sailor Star Ruby. Could you use that to your advantage? Also, Sailor Star Gold is the most powerful, having trained with a secret order all her life… but there seems to be some kind of trauma there… Of course you could always go for Sailor Star Emerald, since you’re already shown her partway down the road to endless pleasure, she might be inclined to fall back into it…

Time to collect some followers and empower them with the delirium of their own desires made flesh encarnate, then use them to ensare the objects of your desire!

Yes, folks, MAIKA just can’t stay away from the fertile (heh) soil that is the genre of heroine corruption.

Also, be patient, it just came out, and there is a link of ryu (share) but it’s not available for the US (Premium Only). So give it some time. :)